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KyleKing Photo
My online collections of images...people, places and things from the past, present and future for your viewing pleasure, remembrance and maybe horror!

Select from the collections below, and enjoy the show. If you know me...or have been where I've been when I've been might see yourself! Gallery code provided by Adobe Lightroom!


10/31 - The 2009 BarktoberFest - This was an event held in Kingwood, which provided a look at several animal rescue groups and so e of the dogs they had rescued. Some were available for adoption. I attended with Juliana Estrada and her pal Francesca (Franci) and her neighbor Jacquie Beitel. Click the link below for all the canine fun!

10/9-10 - The Armadillo Endurance Ride 2009 - My friend Kristina invited me to join her and her awesome horse Andy. Held on private land owned by the Parrish and Fant families, it was 2 days of horses, nice folks, and some good horsemanship. Although the nights were rather chilly, the days and the welcome were warm indeed. See link below for the pictorial record.

5/24 - Steampunk Galleries
- Steampunk has captured my attention, and these are a sampling of images gathered from around the web illustrating this current aesthetic. See link below!




BarktoberFest 2009 - Dogs, pet products, music, people, and lots of inspiring stories.

Armadillo Endurance Ride 2009 - Horses, food, billions of stars in the sky, and lots of friendly people...this was a weekend to remember. See if you can find YOUR mount!


Dr. AntiSkeptic's Steampunk Galleries - Steampunk images in several categories! More to come as they are acquired. If you don't know about steampunk, follow the link!!!

Art Car Sneak Peek 2009- Not all of the art cars were present, but a very good percentage.


Mia and Gina Workshop show - Held at Zahirah's studio in Houston, the performances were great.




2008 Vagabond Cirque - Vagabond Cirque, held at Avant Garden in Houston, is a festival of music, dance, art, tarot, juggling and much more. Lots of great entertainment, great music, a great time! Each gallery covers one nights show.

Friday night - A more intimate crowd but lots of fun, and a few prep and staff photos in the mix.

Saturday night - A bigger crowd, more of everything, and people-watching galore!

2008 Dare Ware Crystl Ball - Dare Ware presents a Halloween Fairy tale featuring Calla Doll and a host of girly ghouls to ring in All Hallow's Eve...a day late but NOT a dollar short! --Didn't make it to the after-party at Iniquity...maybe next year!

Performers and Vendors - Dancers, performers and vendors from the party. Featuring Calla Doll!

Attendees - Almost as good as watching the performers is the people-watching. Ok, who am I kidding...people-watching is AT LEAST as fun as watching the performers. :)


Bozenka 2005 - Bozenka performs with a variety of dancers. This show was back in 2005 at Zahirah's here in Houston. I'll be posting more galleries from past shows from Houston, Austin and some other locales.


Avant Garden - A great tribal/cabaret dance show. Featuring Urban Gypsy and friends. And my favorite dancer of all time performs twice...with a costume change! Urban Gypsy...performs with the troupe for the last time before moving with her family to sunny Northern California. Texas' loss is Cali's gain. You will be missed Amy. Glad I was able to shoot you before you hit the road.


Hearse Study - I like hearses. These are some models from the past and the present. I particularly like the "Jag hearse" from Harold and Maude. I read with some sadness that this awesome conversion was destroyed as seen in the film...driven off a cliff for real. Pity, that! This collection was created for Penny, who as a former mortician has a fondness for hearses, and as a Harold and Maude fan, really LOVES that Jag!


2008 Dare Ware Summer Sin Party - My first fetish party, and definitely not my last. Excellent people-watching, and a good place to actually meet people as it turns out. ;)   This was quite a birthday gift!! The gallery is divided into categories...Performers (with a special sub-gallery for Calla Doll), Ass-ets, Miscellany, and "Batgirl". See the links below for more information. Also, there are quite a few crowd shots. You may see yourself, so if you don't want your image in a gallery, send me an email and I'll remove it post haste. :)

Performers - Body painting, dancer performances, human buffet, wet wrestling...everything but Calla Doll...Her gallery is below.

Calla Doll - The headline act..."Calla Doll", a Houston burlesque performer...she was spectacular!

Ass-ets - If you know me, then you know I am much enamored of the feminine derriere. Herewith my tribute to those astounding mounds of round...Summer Sin Party-style. ;)  Need I say more? Not so much, really.

Miscellany - Whatever didn't fit into the other categories. People, crowds, candid, get the idea.

BatGirl - Every now and then you notice someone who just sticks in your mind. This is one of those. A cool retro white dress with a pattern of little bats all over, Betti Page bangs, a skin tone that reflects a studious avoidance of UV rays of any variety, and a good-natured sort. Deserved her own gallery. So...


Gnik Elyk's 2008 Bloodsucker's Ball - A Housewarming/Birthday party for Gnik and his new digs. Attendees include Kyle, Penny, Helen, Vanessa, Delia and Ray, Brenda and Julian, Beckie and Thomas and Kevin. I'll be adding more photos as I receive those taken by others in attendance. Check back!


4th of July Fireworks - Kevin and I climbed to the 3rd floor of the house under construction (just framed in) next door to my apartment bldg., and I got these shots with the camera on a tiny desktop tripod, the camera strap slip-knotted around a wall stud, and with the whole structure of the house swaying in the breeze...and with Kevin's every ponderous step. :) We had a great time and it was a great fireworks show!


Private session with Anne (from June 21, 2008) - Anne in a variety of looks. Always stunning!

Pride 2008 - The 30th anniversary of the Houston Gay Pride Parade. Went with Vanessa and her best friend Chris, who was visiting from College Station. The group shot that appears to be out of focus is not...they actually looked like that by the time I got that shot. I PROMISE! LOL After the parade, 'Nessa, Chris and I went to eat at Mai's, an oriental restaurant downtown. I was out of memory card, or I would have taken a lot of shots there. It was great atmosphere, and great food. Oh yes...I'll be back! :)

June 2008 - Shots from Kevin's visit with me, my trip to Galveston with Helen, and some other stuff. The Galveston trip was very different. We stayed at the Harbor House, a hotel on Pier 22 on the Strand. I never saw the beach while I was there. We walked the old town and checked out the shops. Helen knows a few of the shopkeepers down there, and we sinned at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. Dang, their vanilla ice cream was scrumptious. :) But the shots from the hotel of the channel and Willie G's restaurant were like timeless post card images to me. The effects used were to try to enhance this .


Dane's visit 2008 - My brother is an artist/musician in San Pedro, CA. Occasionally he comes into town. This occasion was for his daughter Nikki's birthday. Featuring Dane, Kevin, Nikki, Dave, Hamid, Aubrey and Ashton...and a few other folks.

Check back often, as more will be added regularly! Thanks for stopping by. If you'd like to contact me, try here.